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​​"Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air" - Macbeth, Act 1 Scene 1

One of Shakespeare's most infamous lines sets the tone for this postmodern exploration of moral ambiguity.
In this distilled version of the Scottish play we follow the most enigmatic characters in the Bard's canon: the witches. These 'wyrd sisters' - retell the infamous story of the Scottish court, channeling fragments from sources varying from Shakespeare, King James' Daemonologie, ancient epics, as well as original poetry and prose. The result is a lurid and suspenseful meditation on ancient paganism and political intrigue in the Dark Ages, blurring the lines between public hysteria and political opportunism.

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Gallery: Production Pictures
Wyrd Sisters
Composed and Performed by Untitled Theatre Collective

First Witch: Hope Andrejack
Second Witch: Alexa Welch
Third Witch: Lauren Fischetti​

Original Text, Direction & Production Design: Lucca Damilano

Texts: Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Demonology by King James I
Produced: Untitled Theatre Collective

Part of 2016 Fall Season
2016, October 20-22: Performances at the Word Made Flesh Festival, Brooklyn, NY