Untitled Theatre Collective

 Create. Collaborate. Challenge.​​​​

Why Untitled?

"So you guys haven't picked a name yet?"



1. (of a person or group) not having a title indicating social or official rank.

2. (of a book, composition, or other artistic work) having no name.

The author Ursula Le Guin once wrote “for magic consists in this, the true naming of a thing”. The concept that Le Guin brings up is an ancient one, which occurs in various cultures. And in most cases where the concept is applied and believed in, it means that by naming someone or something is a way in which to exert power over that thing or person because one understands its existence and function. The process of naming something is what creates power. For it is in the process of naming it that one can obtain knowledge, categorize and encapsulate their conceptual and actual existence into a single thing.

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” So then, the name is of secondary importance. Naming someone or something is only important because it limits and constrains what they are able to do and be in the mind of the beholder, without taking in consideration the limitless possibilities of what it can become beyond its initial existence. Naming something can be limiting and restricting.

As a theatrical ensemble, we strive to strip out the constraints of all strata. Confined roles and departmentalization limits our creative outpour without taking considerations to our creativity and our abilities as artists and as people.

Our role as artists is to be inspired by ideas and make these ideas become evident in the world. Ideas come from many different places and need to be expressed in different ways. We refuse to confine our artistry and the ideas we have into a specific role circumscribed by us in advance. So our roles within productions change, and we strive to always listen to where our ideas want to take us, be it a familiar path to us or a completely new terrain that we are lead to explore.

So we are free to create anything, anytime, in any way. We are explorers, painters, actors, designers, directors, managers and whatever else we might decide to create. We choose to let our Art come as it may. We choose to relinquish claim to all titles except the title of ARTIST. We are Untitled.