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UTC work-in-progress presentation

this is not a play (working title)
In this is not a play, Untitled Theatre Collective focuses on the real and surreal life within the worlds of Rene Magritte. UTC unravels the life and lasting influence of one of surrealism’s most iconic figures in this prismatic collage of story, poetry, Magritte's personal life, his iconic paintings, collages, and his own personal letters. The piece delves into an exploration of the opposing realities that are present in Magritte's life and body of work; good versus bad, comedy versus tragedy, light versus shadows. The exploration seeks to understand how opposites are held together and how they can not only co-exist but also depend on each other.

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Gallery: Rehearsal Pictures​​
​this is not a play
composed and performed by Untitled Theatre Collective

Public Rene: Alexander Luckham
Private Rene: Sean Jenny
4/Woman: Alexa Welch
3/Mime: HaileyJane Rose
Letter/Psychic: Rebecca Sanborn
1/Lettre: Ana Dratz
Male/Balloon: Tahsin Noor
Shadow/Man: Sergio Marroquin
Female/Mother: Sarah Gwynne Walker
Georgette/Chat/River: Lauren Fischetti
2/Mime: TJ Petti

Scenic Consultant: Livia Oliveira
Costume & Sound Consultant: Allyson Steele
Stage Manager: Katherine Dunford
Text & Direction: Dunya Karam & Lucca Damilano alongisde the company

Part of 2014 Fall Season​​
2014, December: Private Workshop, New York, NY, 2014