Untitled Theatre Collective

¬†Create. Collaborate. Challenge.​​​​

Our Manifesto

Our values and goals


1. On Challenge

  • We seek to challenge the conventions of live performance by exploring, reexamining and experimenting with all aspects of the theatrical process, including our roles and duties as performance artists.

  • We strive to become multi-faceted artists that are able to perform varied sections of the theatrical process. We believe that the departmentalization of live performance stunts our growth as creative individuals.

  • By challenging ourselves with new and different ways to express ourselves, we also strive to seek theatrical pieces that will challenge our audiences in different and varied ways

2. On Creativity

  • Creativity, to us, comes in many forms. And, in the same token, it can also be expressed in different ways. We intend to express ourselves differently with each new work being presented.

  • We strive to challenge the idea of departmentalization of live performance by allowing ourselves to express our creative journey in a myriad of ways. So our company allows the artists in our community to express themselves differently on a piece-by-piece basis, giving them the freedom to act, direct, design, produce, write whenever they feel the urge to do so.

3. On Collaboration

  • We believe in the power of collaboration. Inspired by the world around us, we come together to build a bridge between the human condition and our audiences.​

  • As multi-disciplinary artists, we collaborate on many different levels - as actors, directors, playwrights, designers,
    painters, sculptors, etc. and the fluidity of roles from project to project varies, as we are able to incorporate multiple roles during a project's conception. Our various artistic skills are used in conjunction to create something from nothing.

  • For us, the audience is involved in this process of collaboration. Our performances rely on audience interaction and engagement to come to life. And we seek to challenge that collaborative relationship with each piece, engaging our audiences as differently as each piece needs.